After all species in the galaxy suddenly die off, their AI-equipped spaceships are left looking for answers, survivors, and adventure!

WHOOSH, ZOOM and DASH into a scripted sci-fi comedy podcast unlike any before!

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TRAILER: Spaceships

Spaceships is an immersive sci-fi comedy podcast with sentient spaceships investigating the sudden die-off of all species in the galaxy.

Season One
EP1 Venting

UHS Freighter William Mackie is captured by an Ocanar Warship that hasn’t yet accepted the mass die-off of all intelligent species. Science vessel Maya Hironaga has a dreadful encounter with the Qogan armada and questions the point of a crewless existence.

EP2 The Eyes Folder

After a heavy clash with the Qogan armada, the spaceships hide in a strange cosmic dust cloud. Soon they begin to act strange themselves.

MINI EPISODE: Life Support

A lonely space station sends out emergency broadcasts throughout the galaxy, offering help to survivors from any species. The spaceships tune in with their own suggestions to improve the show.

EP3 All Well Now

The Spaceships reach Otto’s militant home-world only to learn it is being rebranded as the Galaxy’s top wellness and vacation spot, by none other than the flagship of the Ocanar battle fleet.

EP4 Ghost Town

Spaceships Will, Maya, and Otto run into a community of ancient spacecraft that have become incorporeal. Are the intentions of these ghostly remnants of the past fully transparent?

BONUS AUDIO: Ambience Sounds

Life giving you stress? Put your best headphones on and join us on a gentle ride to the stars. Just lay back, close your eyes, and let us sooth your mind. It’s the last ASMR you will ever need.

EP5: The Sphere

The spaceships go to a Dyson sphere at the center of the galaxy, to ask for help in solving the mystery of the species die-off. What they discover is unnerving.

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What People are Saying

If a funny, creative & absurd post-apocalyptic world of sentient spaceships sounds like your thing (and even if it doesn't), I highly recommend checking out this podcast.
I´m hooked! Within seconds I´m laughing out loud, enjoying the witty dialogue and cool sound design. This show is original, fresh AND funny, don´t miss it!
Already loving the chemistry of the characters and humor. The sound design is awesome too! Overall? Rad.

Pauliina Tulenheimo

Gitte Malene Jensen

BRAND Audio Drama

Love it, love the new twist on the genre! Novel idea and really well done.
I had a listen to the first episode and I am hooked. This is great! Can't wait for episode 2. And 3. And ...
So good! As someone who is also working to produce high quality audio drama I appreciate the HOURS it took for these 15 minutes.

Gather The Suspects Pod​



What People are Saying

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